Installation views at Palais De Tokyo, Paris

Computer controlled mechanical system, halogen light, steel and aluminium

The Ada Project is an ongoing series of musical commissions between myself and leading contemporary composers. Each piece of music was developed using a bespoke choreographic light robot developed by my team and I in my studio/laboratory/home in London. Exposed to stories, philosophies and ideas surrounding the Victorian mathematician Ada Lovelace, from whom the project takes its name, each musician lived with us for around a week – responding directly to the movement, physicality, and tempo of a unique piece of choreography created on the robot. The series attempts to create a new form of musical commissioning, putting the musicians inside a unique set of creative constraints – conceptual, historical, visual and temporal.

The release of the first four vinyl commissions coincides with a month long presentation of The Ada Salon at The Vinyl Factory Space at The Brewer Street Car Park in Soho, London.

Special thanks: Minna Moore Ede, The Royal Opera House, Palais de Tokyo, The Science Museum – London, Mark Wadhwa and MONA, PRS for Music Foundation, Richard Forbes-Hamilton, and the curator Ken Farmer with whom I originally conceived the project for Palais de Tokyo, Paris in 2013.

Conrad Shawcross, October 2014